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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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friday class, noticeably different. >> i do feel like the dissension getting greater. >> reporter: after word of racist flyers were posted around campus wednesday night. the school declined to provide copies, each confirmed it promoted white supremacy, with messages like "we don't owe them anything" and "still scared about being called a racist? don't car bit. i came to asu knowing this is my home, i'm a different race, that people will accept me no matter what. >> reporter: graffiti was found on a dorm bathroom stall using the n word and referencing the kkk. >> really irk get it, gloour college, you're trying to have fun. sometimes you think it's funny. but being of a different race, it's not funny. >> it's really disappointing. i thought that at a college like
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issues with that. >> reporter: students are hopeful. the incidents are pranks not personal. >> i think people are just venting their personal feelings, whatever they might think. but i am an optimistic person and i do believe that people will move of >> reporter: school officials sate flyers are saddening and do not represent the views of the university. the police department is aware of the ints is responsible. it is the story making national headlines tonight, a flagstaff police officer on leave after he was caught punching a woman in the face. >> we owe marissa, the flagstaff community, the officer and the department a full and complete investigation. >> tonight that as well get something help from a prominent
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>> that officer says he was just defending himself after that woman kicked him in the groin. mike watkis has more. >> the woman categorically denies she ever kicked the man. it's the punch seen world. now this well known civil rights activist says the u.s. just department needs to get involved. >> is what kind of man can punch this woman in the face? >> reporter: phoenix civil rights activist jared moppin and colorful rights attorney benjamin taylor in flagstaff today taking up the cause of marissa morris, the 30-year-old flagstaff mom seen on this now viral cellphone video, being
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by 28-year-old flagstaff police officer jeff bonar. >> we know her civil rights have been extremely violated in this case, and she's a victim of police brutality. most people think of victims as being people of color, but it can happen to anyone, anywhere. >> reporter: the incident occur as the officer was attempting to arrest marissa outside her family's flagstaff home wednesday, believing she had an outstanding warrant in an dui case. turns out the warrant had been taken care of, which marissa repeatedly tried to tell the officer. >> i got charged in the process of being charged with -- what is it? aggravated assault against a police officer. and i didn't even touch him. he attacked me. >> did you try to kick him? >> i did no such thing. >> i have heard your concerns. and the doesn't taking this incident very seriously. >> reporter: when the cellphone
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officer immediately placed on administrative leave.s me treadway promising transparency and asking for patience. marissa and her family saying the tape speaks for itself. >> nobody is above the law, we're asking for this officer to be fired. >> flag website to disseminate information about this case. the teen accused of shooting a sunnyslope high school student has been ruled
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lost control of his car and crash intoed a wall. he did survive. a family of four forced out of their home because of a fire near 19th and broadway. no one was hurt but parts of the home suffered a lot of damage from fire and smoke. we started with one of the coolest temperatures so far. we dropped down to 47 degrees. temperatures warmed up quickly, a ridge of high pressure started to settle in. highs today up to 77 degrees, that's above average. and this ridge of high pressure, the dominant feature of the forecast through the first part of the weekend. on sunday, we're gonna start to see some changes roll in. mid-70s if you're heading out and about tonight
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here's that evening in detail, lower 70s at 7:00. mid-60s by 11:00. we'll tell you about the changes and a chance of rain rolling in coming up. the holiday weekend is now less than a week away! more than 48 million americans will travel for thanksgiving. the most sent 2007. most are going to travel by car, including about 2 roads across the state expected to be packed this time next week, police are taking action. >> thyme to cut down on the number of deadly crashes, and is one of those major core dorsey will be the i-17. >> reporter: this traffic here is nothing compared to what we expect to see next wednesday on thanksgiving eve. this is goes to be one of the most heavily travelled core dorsey in the
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actually tonight to see some increased traffic in both directions. but next wednesday and next sunday, this and several other corridors are expected to be packed. to that end, the arizona department of public safety stepping up enforcement in key areas like this, also along i-10 between phoenix and tucson, and state route 87 between mesa and payson. that means dui patrols, a large presence of troopers. the hope is to reduce the number of crashes patrols can only do so much. >> avoid distractions, passengers or cellphones, or even radio or some sort of entertainment system. stay focused on the starve at hand. obey the speed limit -- the task at hand. obey the speed limit, stay focused on what is most important at that time, your safety and your family's safety.
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investigated four fatal collisions during the thanksgiving travel period. last year they investigated three fatal collisions. wouldn't it be great if this year they didn't have to investigate any? >> that would be great, thanks donna. the test of a fire suppression system in san jose went terribly wrong and filled the streets nierpt with this! a thick the street. it isn't toxic. when all the work on buckingham palace will get done. >> and things are cooling down across arizona. how people are
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a deputy u.s. marshal was killed today trying to serve an arrest warrant in georgia. >> that marshal was shot twice this morning north of savannah. the suspect killed by officers who returned fire. suspect was a fugitive wanted in sumpter county south carolina. hundreds of workers at o'hare airport in chicago are threatening to go on strike over thanksgiving. they include baggage handlers, cabin and jannitors. trump has agreed to pay $25 million as part of a lawsuit to resolve lawsuits over trump university. that will go toward restitution and fines. the zika outbreak is no longer an international health emergency. it will still be a long-term battle until a vaccine is created. the british government will
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refurbish buckingham palace, upgrade pipes and wiring there in its 750 rooms. construction will begin in april and it will take the next ten years to finish. donald trump is getting ready for his big move to the white house. how the secret service is dealing with the
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breaking news from tempe. a live look at the us-60 at mill avenue. it is a mess! that crash has shut down almost the the four lanes of the westbound freeway. as you see on the very left, cars are getting around the map on that exit shoulder there. there are police cars, fire trucks, wreckers and ambulances on the scene. we're still working to figure out exactly what happened here. we'll pass along more info as it comes into our newsroom. president elect donald trump has made his first cabinet level decision, and he's picked two more people to serve on his
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security at home and abroad. >> kenneth craig has more details from new jersey where mr. trump will be spend the weekend. >> reporter: vice president elect mike pence says he's thrilled with the team president elect donald trump is building. >> we've got a great number of men and women, great qualifications come forward, serve this new administration >> reporter: friday the president elect announced alabama senator jeff sessions as his first pick to be attorney general. m retired general michael flynn at his national security advisor. >> mr. trump is i think doing a terrific job of looking for the best talent he can find for his cabinet. >> reporter: after spending most of the week at trump tower, the president elect is spend the weekend here at the trump national golf club in new jersey where he'll continue his high-level meetings. his first choices aren't without
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and he tweeted in february that fear of muslims is national. he blocked senator sessions from becoming a federal judge is after he allegedly made racist remarks, a claim he deny. a confirmation could be easier this time with mitch mcconnell announcing he strongly supports sessions to be the next attorney general. >> president elect trump will the two were often at odds with each other throughout the campaign season. with mr. trump calling romney a "choker." romney calling president elect trump a fraud and a phony. mr. trump's administration says this meeting is informational. >> one of the big tasks of the secret service is addressing security around trump's penthouse in manhattan. security around the 5th avenue skyscraper
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the entire skyscraper is posted with secret service agents as law enforcement officials come up with a long-term plan to protect the building. >> people need to roadway for their own good and everyone -- recognize for their own good and everyone else's, to the extent you can avoid the immediate area around trump tower, that will make your life easier and everyone else's life easier. >> security will focus most heavily on the floors surrounding trump's 26th-floor office, and the penthouse he lives in with his family. to take you to breaking news we informed you just a few minutes ago. this is the us-60 and mill. there is a major crash blocking most of the four lanes there of the westbound lanes. you can see cars getting around this on the side. we understand there's three patients on-scene. one is a trauma patient that is listed as critical. the other is a stable patient. and a third has minor injuries.
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get everybody transported and those cars out of the way. so you might want to tweet identity or use our cbs5 mobile app and send your friends that may be stuck in this the reason why their friday afternoon commute on the u.s. 60 and mill avenue has really come down to an almost screeching halts. we're gonna keep you updated on this crash in tempe and give you the latest here on cbs5 news. after baking all summer, wean valley, that's the talk of the town. >> kim spoke with shoppers at desert ridge their opinions on this chill. >> reporter: any time the temperature drops below 80 in phoenix, it is always a big deal. this morning was the coldest it has been since february 7th. desert dwellers are going to be fighting for that highly coveted seat next to the space heater! >> it was kind of freezing >> reporter: friday morning,
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giving michael greer all the more reason to sport a sweater. >> i've been here for six years, and my blood is so thin f. it's under 70, it's cold. >> reporter: other shoppers and diners at desert ridge marketplace welcomed the cooler weather, still dressed in shorts and is t-shirts. despite the sunshine and desert chill, this family was dealing with a meltdown. >> we were coming to go to the splash pad, enjoy a little sunshine bre getting really cold. and eva was upset and started crying. >> because i wanted to go on the splash pad. >> yeah? and why couldn't you? >> because they're putting up a snow set. >> i like it. >> reporter: democrated out in a jacket and sipping a latte, welcomed the change. >> after the rough summer that we had, i'm not gonna complain. >> reporter: the weather
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sun this time of the year, if you don't like the chill, just wait a few hours. if you're hoping to rip up the slopes, you'll have to wait a little longer. snowbowl did not open today because it's still a little warm. making snow. the resort says it still has to keep that process going so it can open as soon as possible. there's a 7nc [ laughter ] >> you don't want to rip up those skis. >> no! come on! they need some snow. there's a good chance they're gonna see some moisture the tail end of the weekend. the big auto show is in town in west world. some of the biggest collectibles out there.
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interested in scottsdale. a lot of car focus will be out and about in the east valley over the weekend. a lot of nice cars on the highway, for sure. it's beautiful out there, temperatures in the mid-70s, look at the dewpoint at 5 degrees, relative humidity at 7%, that is dry air right there. and we'll continue to see dry conditions, as i mentioned, through sunday, and then sunday night, some nice changes start to roll in. a pretty good chance of rainfall through the overnight hours, sunday into monday. ly ridge of high pressure. it's gonna hold strong for the first part of the weekend intiechltd afternoon, we'll stop it here, 7:00. clouds starting to push on by. off and on cloud cover in the morning on sunday. and sunday into the morning hours on monday a chance of rainfall. and we'll continue to see that chance through the midday hours on monday, and around a half inch of rain in the valley, even more in height country. tonight temperatures in the mid-70s,
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5-10 miles per hour. and that 7-day forecast, looking good. temps above average, saturday, sunday accident. increasing clouds and a chance of rain. showers end in the late afternoon on monday. and tuesday, clear conditions and sunshine as we get ready for the big holiday next thursday. can you tumble? thanksgiving on thursday next week. a stadium stalemate. lawmakers respond to the
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tonight it is the 5a high school football semifinals. williams field looks to keep its dream season alive facing rival queen creek. >> at one point evan price didn't know if he would ever
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>> to the left, able to side-step one with a nasty tip -- oh, my goodness! >> at first i didn't really know. i thought i sprained my ankle. i told our trainer to tape it up. [ laughter ] >> i didn't really feel anything. once i realized what had happened, shock really just set in. >> reporter: a scary and defining moment last year for williams field running back evan price. >> definitely one of the more graphic football injuries they think i've en football, one way or another >> reporter: carried off in a stretcher, he experienced a gross dislocation and broke an ankle. one that had him doubting his football future. >> the next morning when i woke up, i rewatched the game, and i saw it, and i just couldn't believe that that was me. i was hike i might never play. >> reporter: but the injury didn't break his spirit. his determination was his strength.
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>> i just worked super hard to get back to where i am now. >> still playing with a lot of pain. that's a severe injury. to push through it every single day because it matters that much to you is remarkable. >> reporter: and this special senior is relishing being part of one of the best teams in school history. [ chanting ] >> it's exciting. we've all had one goal >> reporter: a person of heart and character. tested like never before. and answered the call like the winner he is.
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it's been a little more than a week since donald trump was elected president. while many americans threatened to flee to canada, right now it's the mexican authorities who are getting overwhelmed with calls. >> at the consulate in tucson, they have had hundreds of calls. >> reporter: staff members here
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handling four times as many calls for a process called birth registration. mexican parents in the united states can make sure their kids have the same privileges when they go to mexico. the deputy consul says there's two reasons. >> if they want to go to mexico to live, this is no problem were >> reporter: that doesn't mean mexican families are fleeing the united states according to the deputy consul. but they are getting their papers in order. the mexican consulate in days. in the first 48 hours after the election, staffers answered 1,000 calls from concerned hispanics. >> don't panic. >> reporter: the deputy consul tell it'lling mexicans living in arizona that it's unclear what immigration policies will be implemented under the new president. on the other hand he says an uptick in birth registration can be typical around the end of the year with families preparing for mexican


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